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Office Planting in Bristol

Bristol is a stunning city steeped in history which still manages to stay modern and exciting in today's busy business climate. A popular place to set up office, many businesses flock to this city.

A cosmopolitan and vibrant city, Bristol has the most productive and competitive economy of any large English city outside of London.

Office Plants Nottingham

Data Dome


The city of Bristol it set to launch its brand new Data Dome this Autumn as an addition to Bristol's digital scene. 


Broad Quay House

Broad Quay House is a historical building that can be found on the waterfront in the heart of Bristol. A sought after office space, it over looks the harbour and is a short distance from Queen's square.  Bristol is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city which, according to the UK Competitiveness Index for 2010, has the most competitive and productive economy of any large English city outside of London. This location provides a visual reminder of the city's nautical past and it is still a major importer of goods including cars and wine. However, today it is more renowned for its excellence in knowledge-intensive and creative industries, particularly aerospace, defence, media, financial services and information technology.

How We Can Help

As exciting and bustling life in Bristol may be, studies have shown that workers' productivity can be drastically improved by the introduction of office plants. According to recent research, people who live and work within cities spend a shocking 90% of their time indoors. At Funky Yukka, it's our mission to help workers embrace the power of plants and bring some greenery into their offices. If you work within Nottingham and feel your workplace could benefit from some foliage, we can help you bring a touch of nature to the city!


If your workplace is situated in one of these fantastic buildings or anywhere in and around Bristol, Funky Yukka can help you! Together, we will design dynamic and stunning plant displays tailored to your specific requirements. If you are interested in furnishing too, check out our Funky Decor collection and our sister site, Funky Furniture for even more options. Get in touch today!

Office Plants Nottingham
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