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Nottingham Business Park 


This deluxe business hub houses several major organisations and boasts an extensive range of luxury facilities. The beautifully landscaped business park sits on 120 acres and is regarded as a premier location for prestigious companies in the East Midlands.

Organisations that reside there can take advantage of the stunning orchards, health club, gym and four-star hotel available for use on site. Located a convenient 20 minute drive from the city centre, it's no wonder this business park's units are sought after office spaces. 



University of Nottingham Innovation Park


This unique building's iconic architecture is what sets it apart from the decidedly more traditional office spaces in Nottingham. With an array of onsite facilities, this stunning business parks aims to be the perfect place where businesses can collaborate, interact and engage with one another in a creative office space. 

It is one of four University Enterprise Zone locations in the UK.


How We Can Help

As exciting and bustling life in Nottingham may be, studies have shown that workers' productivity can be drastically improved by the introduction of office plants. According to recent research, people who live and work within cities spend a shocking 90% of their time indoors. At Funky Yukka, it's our mission to help workers embrace the power of plants and bring some greenery into their offices. If you work within Nottingham and feel your workplace could benefit from some foliage, we can help you bring a touch of nature to the city!


If your workplace is situated in one of these fantastic buildings or anywhere in and around Nottingham, Funky Yukka can help you! Together, we will design dynamic and stunning plant displays tailored to your specific requirements. If you are interested in furnishing too, check out our Funky Decor collection and our sister site, Funky Furniture for even more options. Get in touch today!

Office Plants Nottingham
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