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Case Studies

Brief 1: Provide a homely, bright, youthful and playful plant scheme



















One of the country’s foremost student accommodation companies have signed a deal with Funky Yukka to supply interior landscaping services across its estate of properties.  Student Castle aim to create the ultimate university experience for the students.


Student Castle’s developments are kitted out with 100Mbps ultra-fast broadband and WiFi throughout, SKY TV packages, flexible letting terms and low utility bills, all as part of a simple all inclusive payment. Student Castle have also designed state-of-the-art common rooms with everything from TVs to old-school pool tables. It is with this in mind Funky Yukka were called in to provide a homely, bright, youthful and playful plant scheme. Funky used very modern containers with fantastic bold Sansaveria’s to really compliment the funky student feeling throughout the premises.


Accommodation reception areas were complimented with colour matched containers and plants to provide that nice lived-in, warm, cosy feeling that everybody wants from a home. Delivery and installation was carried out by Funky Yukka delivery and installation teams. One of the most important aspects of any managed property is the up keep of all communal areas and fixtures and fittings. Student Castle decided to protect their investment in live plant displays by taking out Funky Yukkas plant replacement guarantee. The guarantee provides peace of mind that should any plants fail due to natural causes they will be replaced with a like to like specimen at no extra charge.


If you would like to get plants in your offices, workplace or facility click here to contact us today and arrange a free onsite consultation. 






Brief 2: Create an outdoors indoors feel through retro fit living walls























A leading software solutions company working for some of the largest companies in the world has chosen Funky Yukka as their primary interior landscaping company.Working within extremely tight deadlines Funky Yukka not only liaised with the client but also the client’s designers and office fit out company.


A design was produced and submitted to the group for approval which swiftly passed and went into production.


Complementing the original design leafy Zamioculcas Zamiifolia office plants were used in a screening format to create and real outdoors indoors feel. The clever use of park benches and natural woods created a perfect breakout area for staff and colleagues completed perfectly by real live plants supplied by Funky Yukka.


The company were keen to use plants to screen a very large storage cabinet. Funky Yukka immediately suggest one of their retro-fit living walls and the end results were truly stunning. The living wall has really helped develop the space and provide a huge boost in humidity and oxygen within the working environment. The wall also provides and amazing backdrop for all the staff and colleagues working in the area.


If you would like to book a free onsite consultation and have Funky Yukka design an amazing interior landscaping scheme in your offices then click here to contact us today.






Brief 3: Artificial Flowers for Hair Salon



















Funky Yukka were approached by Hoar Cross Hall Spa Hotel for artificial planting solutions for the fabulous new Matthew Curtis Hair salon. Our design team put together a scheme using artificial magnolia flowers supplied in chrome flutes. The artificial magnolia not only look great all year round but add that finishing touch to the salon area. The artificial florals and plants lend themselves particularly well to temperature changing and low lighting level areas.


Funky Yukka offer planting into new and existing containers so weather your looking to spruce up some existing pots with colourful plants or a complete design scheme from scratch we can help.  Find out more about our design services here.


Our range covers everything from desktop floral displays to giant kentia palms.  If you unsure as to what you require we can even advise on that too through our tailor made quotation process.  Why not book your free onsite consultation service here. 






Brief 4: To transform a offices of a leading cinema marketing company, London.






















Funky Yukka has helped transform the offices of a leading cinema marketing company in the centre of London. Funky Yukka were invited to join the project team and consulted both with the office manager and head of marketing to produce the fantastic final result. A distinct theme was chosen showcasing different areas of the office through the use of colours, containers and plants. The client wanted to designate different areas of the office to different functions such as accounts and marketing.


Through the clever use of different plants and containers the reception, breakout, accounts, marketing and board rooms were all given the Funky Yukka treatment and the results were spectacular. In line with the brands marketing several brightly coloured containers were chosen to really make the office plants stand out against the newly designed space.


The displays were professionally installed and delivered and the customer has protected their investment by instructing Funky Yukka’s onsite maintenance services and full plant replacement guarantee. This guarantees the customer peace of mind that the plants are being cleaned and cared for and should the worse happen any plants that fail will be replaced free of charge. 


Brief 5: To enhance the outside retail area of Prêt a Manger, Trafalgar Square, London.


We all know that Prêt a Manger specialises in soups, sandwiches, baguettes etc.. With London as the busy capital, there is lots of foot traffic into their sales area in Trafalgar Square all day, every day!


The Funky Yukka aim was to make the entrance way more inviting for both those current and prospective customers coming in and out of this flagship store.


We chose a theme that was very much the traditional; this was to compliment the style of the planting in and around the square itself. We bought in some stylish, bespoke containers which we carefully planted up with laurus nobilis trees.


The result looked great and added an additional dimension to the entrance way. We continue to maintain these containers and plants on our stress-free maintenance package, so that they look great at all times, without the team or managers having to become plant experts!


Brief 6: To compliment the environmental nature of the Ravensbourne College, Greenwich Peninsula, London building.


Ravensbourne College relocated in 2010 to a purpose built building in Greenwich. The new build is pioneering in both style and in its aim to create a new way of working. The interior space was designed to encourage interaction between the different creative studies.


The Funky Yukka aim was to create a “live greener” environment and feel to the open spaces, quiet corners and social spaces by selecting, planting and placing huge five metre trees within the interior of the building!


We chose trees that were luscious, vivid green, interesting to the eye and which would fully complement the spaces. The result was impressive; the pure size of the trees gave a grand, yet relaxed air and the contemporary planters added a little fun into the atmosphere alongside a more modern vibe – perfect for the social/open spaces we were asked to plan for.


Brief 7: To create a natural and laid back atmosphere in the “Living Room”.


The Living Room is a unique restaurant and bar which has its homes in the most vibrant and cosmopolitan city centres. It has a stylish, upbeat and welcoming style which is perfectly complimented by Funky Yukka plant displays.


We were asked to work with the designers and Living Room management team, to create bespoke displays which would enhance the natural environment and create unique signposting displays to various areas of the restaurant and bar.


We chose modern and contemporary planters that had a luxury feel and would complement the atmospheres of the bars and restaurants perfectly. Plants were low maintenance, but high on style!


The result was simple, effective and stylish with a real hassle-free feel. A real must see!


Brief 8: To create a plant display scheme to enhance the new office environment of EnerG in Manchester.


EnerG had new premises in Manchester which were predominantly office based and for their staff. They are a green tech company, who really benefited from matching their business type to their office environment; hence Funky Yukka.


We added in sumptuous plant displays, with an added a dash of colour, to the reception areas to talk brand and business type, but which also made waiting a more pleasant and relaxing experience for visitors.


Office areas and management suites had unique displays designed to bring the “live greener” feel into the everyday working environment and provide environmental benefits for the staff. We added lots of green, lots of texture and made sure that you noticed the plants as soon as you walked through the door.


We also continue to look after all of the plants and displays at EnerG so that they always look great, sing company brand and are refreshed on a regular basis. This shouts quality, continues to create interest and gives a real living art feel.

Brief 9: To compliment the stylish and industrial style break-room and studio of a fashion retail giant














Funky Yukka caters to a wide range of customers from all different sectors and for this project, they found themselves combining foliage and fashion for an online clothing giant who required something contemporary and above all stylish for their modern and trendy work space.

There was plenty of design inspiration to be found in the chic break out zone which boasted industrial-style bulbs, naked pipes and exposed brick walls. Working closely with the client, the Funky Yukka team installed artificial foliage panels of dense greenery to embellish the area. The stark contrast between harsh brick and organic vegetation made for a stunning display where employees could relax and unwind. 

The real spectacle, however, was in the studio where the client had opted for a striking preserved moss wall. A popular choice with many businesses, this wall uses foliage frozen in-time, leaving a lasting impression on those who view it and it certainly made a statement amongst the rails of clothes.


The company were delighted with their new plant displays, which were able to brighten up their working area and invoke a sense of calm and tranquillity in the break room. 

Brief 10: To invoke a professional yet welcoming atmosphere in the UK HQ of an international tech company












A world-renowned technology company chose the Funky Yukka team to add some much-needed greenery and elegance to their UK Head Office. As the client's distinct red branding was showcased previously throughout the area using seating booths and a statement wall mural, it was decided that a complimentary shade of pale grey matching both the carpets and furniture would be the best option for the planters, with just a few desktop displays sporting the classic red.

The chosen plants consisted of Dracaena White Stripe, Sansevieria Laurentii and Kentia Palm; all dark leaved, spiky plants that are able to thrive in areas with limited light and offer a professional and corporate look to a workplace. Three curved barriers complete with spiked grasses created an attractive and non-intimidating partition between office area and seating booths, so employees could have an informal meeting in privacy. Throughout the office, small troughs adorned counter-tops and cabinets to inject interest into the area and avoid clutter piling up.

The result was a stylish yet professional work space full of lush greenery and colour. The workforce could now appreciate beautiful plants in the office and enjoy the numerous health benefits they provide.

Brief 11: To create a subtle yet premium plant displays for a high-end property























Reflexa and Ficus were planted into the pots and adorned with decorative pebbles in a similar colour palate to the decor. Each artificial tree featured a real wood stem with over 500 individual leaves, giving it an incredibly real appearance and feel. 


When Funky Yukka finished work on the project, Berkeley Group's premium property looked even more exclusive than ever! The sleek metallic displays offered the space a luxurious aesthetic and the plants brought a subtle touch of nature indoors. 

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Office Plant Display London
Artifcial Plants Diplays for Salon
Office Plants
Living Moss Wall Fashion Retail
Office Plant Displays UK
Plant Displays

Property development company Berkeley Group recently contacted Funky Yukka in hopes of sourcing some attractive plant displays for a premium building they had worked on within the heart of London. The riverside property boasted a stunning view and plenty of inspiration for the team!

Berkeley Group requested simple displays that would compliment the building's decor without being overpowering. After a through consultation and onsite review, Funky Yukka set to work creating something that would suit their needs. The interior colour theme consisted of neutral tones, including light mocha, ecru and graphite with marbled accents. So the display would not simply blend into the background, the team chose a brushed bronze tone and glossy black for the planters. These ceramic pots had a glazed finish and brightened up duller corners of the area perfectly. 


As there was little natural light in the building and the client requested displays that would require minimal maintenance, it was decided that the best option for this project would be the use of artificial plants. Funky Yukka specialises in the most realistic artificial plants available and were confident that they could provide Berkeley with something as good as the real thing.

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