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Living Walls

Retro-Fit Living Walls

Living walls are ideal displays to inject some life and colour into your office, workplace or home. Using fantastic plants make a wall literally come to life by installing a living wall displays.


There are two main types of walls and there are key differences based around their installation. The easiest and quickest type of wall to install in a “retro-fit” wall. Retro-fit walls give you the flexibility and peace of mind that no major building works or tank systems will need to be installed to keep your wall alive. Funky Yukka specialise in retro fit walls and have lots of different type of walls for you to choose from. One additional benefit of a retro fit wall is that at a later date should you wish to move the wall to a different area or even a different office you can take it with you.


Contact Funky Yukka today to arrange a free onsite survey to discuss your living wall.

New Installation Living Walls

An alternate method of installation for living walls is to design your wall around your room. This would ideally be done at the planning and building stage with your architects technical guidance. One of the advantages of this methods is that you can build much larger feature walls often seen on the side of buildings or within feature installations. These methods often require internal irrigation systems, pumps and tanks hidden away to help keep your wall alive. If you are looking to work with partner to help design, build and make your living wall flourish then call us today or use our contact us form.


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