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Office Planting in London

There's no doubt about it - London is the business hub of England! With many of the world's largest company's choosing the capital as their office HQ, London is the place to be for the ambitious. Home to some of the most iconic building and structures in all the world, it is also a veritable hotbed for tourists. 

Funky Yukka is proud to have joined the elite with our own London based office and team of plant technicians, all set to design stunning and unique planting concepts to make your workplace stand out from the crowd!

Office Plants London

Canary Wharf


This major business district is based in the East of London and houses a plethora of leading businesses and corporations. It is one of the main financial centres and hold the title of the second tallest building in the UK. 

The Shard

This incredible skyscrapers is instantly recognisable and is one of London's biggest and most beautiful business office buildings. It has a staggering 95 storeys and houses some amazing companies such as Foresight Group, Mathy's and Squire and Warwick Business School.


How We Can Help


As exciting and bustling life in London may be, studies have shown that workers' productivity can be drastically improved by the introduction of office plants. According to recent research, people who live and work within cities spend a shocking 90% of their time indoors. At Funky Yukka, it's our mission to help workers embrace the power of plants and bring some greenery into their offices. If you work within London and feel your workplace could benefit from some foliage, we can help you bring a touch of nature to the city!


If your workplace is situated in one of these fantastic buildings or anywhere in and around London, Funky Yukka can help you! Together, we will design dynamic and stunning plant displays tailored to your specific requirements. If you are interested in furnishing too, check out our Funky Decor collection and our sister site, Funky Furniture for even more options. Get in touch today!

Office Plants London
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