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Design Services and Office Revamps


Design Services & Revamps

Design is the key to success whether you are looking to enliven an office, school, retail or commercial environment or even bring dramatic impact to your event.  Our plant displays are sure to liven up any interior or exterior space.


So whether you are an established business, a company setting up for the first time or looking for an interior refresh or an event client...our design services are perfect for you. We will dedicate a professional design consultant to work with you on your project and to visit the site architect, office manager, personal designer or event planner for the perfect interior or exterior landscaping plan.


Together, or on our own if you prefer, we will choose containers, plants and added extras to complete your overall design. We will also select plants dependent on your lighting, traffic flow, space and proposed or established interior design scheme.

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Design Services and Office Revamps

We have 25+ years of design and plant display knowledge so you really will be able to relax in the knowledge that you are in the hands of true experts.


And, to let you into a little industry know how...most people think that plant displays come at the end of an interior design process or are the last but one item on the list for an event, but at Funky Yukka we have learnt that the sooner you involve us in the process, the more magical the results!


For more information on our design services or for a free design visit please email or call 0800 587 46 72.


Not sure what displays are best for you? 


Our design team are happy to provide an onsite survey FREE of charge.  We'll talk you through all the options and create a tailor made quote bespoke to you.  We'll even show you before and after photos of how your facilty will look with Funky Yukka plant displays. 

Design Services and Office Revamps


It’s out with the old and in with the new! If you are thoroughly bored and fed up with your plants or you feel that your working environment is flat and dull, then it’s definitely time for a change. With Funky Yukka you can enliven your space with stunning plant displays that will ooze brand, style and create living works of art.


We have a vast range of containers, plants and something just a little bit different to add a dynamic element to your interior design. We can also work within budgets so your revamp doesn’t have to cost the earth!


For instance, we think it is amazing how just little hints of table top displays can make a strong impact or how a large, lush green tree can make a room come alive. The ways in which we use our plant display makes sure that they are one of the first things you notice when you step into a building.

And, here at Funky Yukka we work with a huge variety of clients. We work with those who want small, intimate schemes, celebrities who want larger and more exotic assignments, though to more corporate clients and multinationals who are looking for pure business minded displays and a healthier feel to their office environment.


So, whether you are large or small in size, office-based, commercial, educational or of a retail nature, we can create intelligent and innovative plant design solutions just for you. We will swiftly grab your thoughts and wishes and fully integrate them into a well executed design scheme.


Already got plant displays and feel a little stuck-in-the-mud? Then let us come in and see what new varieties we can introduce, how we can liven up the display or refresh tired and lifeless plants.


Stuck with containers and pots that you’re just not sure of? Then bring your boring old marble up-to-date with beautiful, brushed aluminium, polished orange or zingy lime. In fact we have 1000’s of options at our fingertips to give a whole new look.


We have experts on hand at every level to ensure the best in design, plants, service and finished product. We have dedicated nurseries around the globe, including Holland, which supply us with the top plants and extended ranges to ensure we capture your needs.


Our team offers a full design service which includes specifications, drawings, planting plans through to maintenance packages and quotes...and the initial design visit is free!


We also ensure that every Funky Yukka display arrives in perfect condition to install immediately and, if you have a lack of green fingers, we will look after it for you too with our stress-free maintenance package. Simple!


Thinking this may be of interest? Then please give us a call or a quick email for a free, no-obligation quote and make drab, unhealthy environments a thing of the past.

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