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Benefit from our expert advice and guidance with a free, onsite consultation and quotation.

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Full installation of your products with ongoing maintenance to keep your plants thriving.

Funky Yukka offers a variety of services specifically designed for businesses to enhance their workspaces with plants. Here's a breakdown of our services:

  • Interior Landscaping Services: This is our core offering. We provide consultation, design, and installation of plant displays tailored to your office's specific needs and aesthetics.

  • Rental & Maintenance: Funky Yukka understands that some businesses might not want the commitment of buying plants. We offer a rental option with full maintenance services, taking care of watering, feeding, and ensuring your plants stay healthy and vibrant.

  • Sales: Of course, if you prefer to own your office greenery, Funky Yukka also sells a variety of plants suitable for office environments.

  • Artificial Plants: While live plants are our specialty, we also offer high-quality artificial plants for those who might prefer a lower-maintenance option.

  • Event Hire: Need to add a touch of nature to a company event or spruce up a venue? Funky Yukka provides rental plants specifically for such occasions.

Funky Yukka work with businesses across England; if you're looking to bring some life and greenery into your office space, we offer free on-site consultations to discuss your needs and provide a quote.

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We have a portfolio of projects that we would be delighted for you to browse. Be inspired by what we offer and allow us to showcase our high standards.

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We genuinely care about health and the environment. We love delivering aesthetically pleasing products, but the health benefits are our focus. 

Top Tips To Help You Flourish:

Additional Tips:

  • Browse our website: Get inspired by browsing our portfolio to see examples of our work in different office settings.

  • Think about maintenance: Discuss maintenance options with the consultant. If you opt for a rental plan, our team will handle everything.

  • Prepare questions: Have any questions about specific plants, lighting requirements, or pet-friendliness ready for the consultation.

By taking advantage of Funky Yukka's on-site design consultation, you can get expert advice and create a plant-filled workspace that fosters a healthy and productive environment for your team.

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