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Wicker Lounge Seats & Foliage Barriers for Rooftop Terrace

As existing customers will be fully aware, Funky Yukka specialises in beautiful healthy plant displays. However, this is not all they can provide - Funky Yukka has a fabulous collection of furniture and decor available to add something special to an area. Giving the team a chance to showcase their furnishings, a leading restaurant based in the heart of the West Midlands requested the help of Funky Yukka to update their rooftop terrace with new seating, centrepieces for tables and of course, plenty of greenery.

The Vision

The exciting brief called for a bright, airy and vibrant space when patrons could enjoy a chilled meal in the sun. Working alongside the restaurant to curate their ideas into a reality, the Funky Yukka team set about creating a bold and cheery spectacle - perfect for Summer! To invoke a relaxing and chilled atmosphere, white wicker lounge chairs were used, each with a lime green cushion for decoration and comfort. Complimenting every table was a delicate bouquet of roses which sat in a whimsical glass adorned with a pale pink ribbon.

To finish off the project, a partition was create with the clever use of white troughs containing several varieties of foliage. These barriers framed the area perfectly and offered a more natural aesthetic to terrace whilst still in-keeping with the colour scheme chosen.

The Outcome

Funky Yukka's work left the client delighted as the area has been completely transformed. The rooftop terrace could now be used for private events, parties or just as a place for regulars to unwind and enjoy a meal alfresco.

If you are looking to reinvent your outdoor space, roof garden or workplace with funky furniture or plant displays why not contact us today for a free onsite consultation. Click here to contact us today or call now on 0800 587 46 72.


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