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Levels of Engagement Improve in Green Offices

Those familiar with the study 'The Relative Benefits of Green VS Lean office Space: 3 Field Experiments by Nieuwenhuis M will already know the amazing power that plants can offer us. The results of this research showed that levels of absenteeism with the lean, empty office were much higher compared to the office enriched with greenery. Employees within the green office were also show to have increased levels of workplace satisfaction, concentration and felt the air quality was significantly better.

The study also suggested that levels of engagement - which were higher in the green office - could be down to the fact that staff found themselves becoming more physically, cognitively and emotionally integrated within their work. The positive effect on workers' engagement at work has a knock-on effect on business success, something we all strive for. The more interaction shown by employees, the more production and creativity was shown by the team.

Indoor plants do not only look and smell nice, they could save your life, claim scientists from research by the World Health Organisation. Prof Kays said: "As well as the obvious health benefits, the increased use of indoor plants in both 'green' and traditional buildings could have a tremendous positive impact on the ornamental plant industry by increasing customer demand and sales." Adding these plants to indoor spaces can reduce stress, increase performance at work and reduce symptoms of ill health. Read more about this research here.


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