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Brief 5: To enhance the outside retail area of Prêt a Manger, Trafalgar Square, London.

We all know that Prêt a Manger specialises in soups, sandwiches, baguettes etc.. With London as the busy capital, there is lots of foot traffic into their sales area in Trafalgar Square all day, every day!

The Funky Yukka aim was to make the entrance way more inviting for both those current and prospective customers coming in and out of this flagship store.

We chose a theme that was very much the traditional; this was to compliment the style of the planting in and around the square itself. We bought in some stylish, bespoke containers which we carefully planted up with laurus nobilis trees.

The result looked great and added an additional dimension to the entrance way. We continue to maintain these containers and plants on our stress-free maintenance package, so that they look great at all times, without the team or managers having to become plant experts!


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