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Canva Install

Canva's Creative and Innovative Culture:

  • Canva's DNA: Innovation and creativity are at the heart of Canva, and they actively encourage these qualities in their employees. A stimulating environment for those who enjoy working outside the box and bringing fresh ideas to the table is an absolute must.

  • Fast-paced and Dynamic: Canva is a rapidly growing company, so the working environment is critical to attract the best employees. Providing a nurturing workspace allows employees to blossom with their creativity.


The Install

Positive and Collaborative Work Environment:

  • Focus on Well-being: Canva prioritizes employee well-being, with initiatives that promote work-life balance and a healthy work environment; Canva really cares about their employees overall well-being.

  • Collaborative Spirit: Canva fosters a collaborative work environment where teams work together to achieve common goals. This can be a great fit for team players who enjoy brainstorming and working alongside others.

  • Fun and Relaxed Atmosphere: Canva's office spaces are designed to be comfortable and relaxing,  incorporating features like planted furniture & game rooms. This creates a more enjoyable work experience compared to traditional, sterile office environments.

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