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The Un-Office Office

Bringing the Comfort of Home to the Office: Benefits of Softening the Workplace


Many employees who have transitioned to working from home during the pandemic might miss the comfort and relaxed atmosphere of their home offices. Businesses can bridge this gap by creating a "work-from-home within the office" environment – a space that fosters well-being, productivity, and a sense of community.


Here's how:


Elements of a Work-from-Home Office Atmosphere



Comfortable Seating: Swap rigid office chairs for ergonomic options with good lumbar support, or consider incorporating lounge areas with soft seating for informal meetings or brainstorming sessions.

Biophilic design Funky Yukka
Biophilic design Funky Yukka

Natural Light: Maximize natural light by moving desks closer to windows and considering skylights if feasible. Studies show natural light improves mood and focus.

Personal Touches: Encourage employees to personalize their workspace with photos, plants, or small decorative items that create a sense of comfort and ownership.

Biophilic design Funky Yukka
Designed Table Lamps

Quiet Zones: Designate quiet areas with sound-absorbing materials for focused work that requires minimal distraction.

Biophilic design Funky Yukka

Collaborative Spaces: Create breakout areas with comfortable seating and whiteboards for informal collaboration and idea sharing.

​Increased Employee Well-being:​

A more relaxed and comfortable environment can reduce stress and improve employee mood, leading to a happier and healthier workforce.​

Biophilic design Funky Yukka

Temperature Control: Maintain a comfortable temperature range that suits most people.

A study by Cornell University found a link between optimal temperature and increased productivity.

Plant Shed
Biophilic design Funky Yukka

Enhanced Productivity: Comfortable seating, personalized touches, and access to natural light can all contribute to improved focus and concentration for employees.​

Additional Tips:


Biophilic design elements include plants (of course!!), natural materials, and even water features to further enhance well-being and create a connection with nature.


Encourage employees to take breaks and move around throughout the day by providing walking paths or fitness areas within the office.


Gather employee feedback on what would make the office feel more like a comfortable work-from-home environment for them.​

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