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Interior Landscaping Plants


Interior Plant Landscaping

Is your working environment in need of a little impact...could it do with a hint of colour, a swish of those company hues or maybe a mass of client appeal?

Then our stylish range of interior plant displays is here to inspire you! Offices, schools and public areas can often feel dull and lifeless, but when you add some Funky Yukka plants an instant feel-good factor appears in and around your space. Alongside the environmentally-friendly appeal that naturally comes too, you can simply think “drab to fab” in just a few easy steps.

Office Plants

For instance, we think it is amazing how just little hints of table top displays can make a strong impact or how a large, lush green tree can make a room come alive. The ways in which we use our plant displays, makes sure that they are one of the first things you notice when you step into a building.


And, here at Funky Yukka we work with a huge variety of clients. We work with those who want small, intimate schemes, celebrities who want larger and more exotic assignments, though to more corporate clients and multinationals who are looking for pure business minded displays and a healthier feel to their office environment.


So, whether you are large or small in size, office-based, commercial or of a retail nature, we can create intelligent and innovative plant design solutions just for you. We will swiftly grab your thoughts and wishes and fully integrate them into a well executed design scheme. Our team offers a full design service which includes specifications, drawings, planting plans through to maintenance packages and quotes.

Office Plants

And, just for you, the initial design visit is free!

In fact we have experts on hand at every stage of your plant journey to make sure that you have the very best in design, plants, service and finished product. We have dedicated nurseries around the globe, including Holland, which supply us with the top plants and extended ranges to ensure we capture your needs.


We will also make certain that every Funky Yukka display arrives in perfect condition to install immediately and, if you have a lack of green fingers, we will look after it for you too with our stress-free maintenance package. Simple!


Thinking this may be of interest? Then please give us a call or a quick email for a free, no-obligation quote and make drab, unhealthy environments a thing of the past.

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