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Sustainability & The Environment

As a company, our commitment to a healthy environment extends beyond the plants we bring to offices.

ClimateEQ has awarded our Director, Daniel Foster and Chief Operations Officer, Katie Lainton as Carbon Literate for meeting all of the requirements of the Carbon Literacy Standard. Funky Yukka and our team have made our sustainability pledges, both personally and professionally. Our pledge is to be NetZero by 2035. 

As a business, we embrace sustainability with every product and practice. 

Our Company Cars are Electric and our Offices and Warehouse are powered by more than 50% renewable energy, (we aim to be using 100% renewable energy by April 2025).

Here's how our choices regarding transportation significantly reduces our carbon footprint:

Utilising Public Transport:

  • Reduced Emissions: Our Technicians use public transport to deliver maintenance services, this significantly decreases our overall carbon footprint.

  • Traffic Congestion Relief: Fewer Funky Yukka vehicles on the road mean less traffic congestion. This translates to reduced emissions from idling vehicles and smoother commutes for everyone.

  • Improved Air Quality: By promoting public transport, Funky Yukka contributes to cleaner air. This benefits not only their employees but also the overall health of the city.

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Embracing Bicycles:

  • Zero-Emission Transportation: Bicycles are a fantastic zero-emission mode of transport.

  • We have provided our employees with bicycles and encourage the use for health benefits both physically and environmentally. We foster and nurture health and wellbeing, after all, healthy employees are more productive, engaged, and loyal.

  • Positive Company Image: Our commitment to sustainable practices resonate with our customers. If you are not already looking at the carbon footprint of your own business, we would be delighted to encourage you with the process.

Additional Considerations:

  • Optimising Delivery Routes: We use enhanced GPS software to optimise delivery routes for plant installations and maintenance visits to minimise travel distances and fuel consumption.

  • Electric Vehicles: As technology advances, we have incorporated electric vehicles into our fleet for situations where public transport or cycling isn't feasible. All of our company cars are electric.

By adopting these practices, we demonstrate our commitment to environmental responsibility. Our focus on sustainable transportation aligns perfectly with the well-being focus of the core business, creating a holistic approach to a healthy planet and a healthy work environment.

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We employ sustainability throughout the business - find out more

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Our Team

Our team have been selected based on their expertise and passion.

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Local Technicians

We employ local technicians to ensure regular visits and continuity. 

Our Pledge

We are working towards being a Net Zero Business by 2035. We have implemented many changes to the business to reduce our CO2 output, such as:

We use a GPS Job Tracking system to order the routes of our technicians to ensure their days are as smooth and efficient as possible, whilst most importantly, avoiding excess travel and reducing CO2 output.

Our team use public transport and bicycles to attend sites where possible.

Our director and chief operations manager have both recently attended a Carbon Literacy Training Course to find more techniques and approaches to reduce our carbon footprint, completing the course and being awarded Carbon Literacy. 

As a business and our individual employees, we have made pledges to reduce our overall carbon footprint, both professionally and personally. We practice many of our personal pledges daily and encourage habit change within the workplace, both for environmental and personal health benefits.

As a sustainable supplier, we offer products and services designed with environmental and social impact in mind. By choosing these options, you can automatically reduce your own footprint and contribute to a more sustainable value chain.

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