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Package Delivery


We strive to deliver and install your plant displays and foliage as efficiently, professionally and as soon as possible, based on your preferences.


  • Consultation: Your onsite meeting to discuss options with our experienced interior landscaping design consultant. 

  • Planning & Plant Selection: Following our consultation, Funky Yukka will create a customised plan outlining the chosen plants, their placement for optimal light and aesthetics, and containers, pots and planters.

  • Delivery Coordination: We will coordinate a convenient delivery time with you to minimize disruption to your workday.

Delivery & Installation:

  • Plant Delivery: Funky Yukka will deliver all the chosen plants, pots, and any required materials to your office on the agreed-upon date.

  • Professional Installation: Our experienced team will handle the installation process. 

    • Placing the plants in their designated locations according to the plan.

    • Arranging the plants for a visually appealing display.

SO Visual - Funky Yukka Feb 2024 - 188.jpg
SO Visual - Funky Yukka Feb 2024 - 189.jpg

Here's what you can do to prepare for our arrival:

  • Clear the designated plant areas: Remove any clutter or obstacles from the spots where the plants will be placed.

  • Ensure accessibility: If necessary, provide clear access to elevators or specific entry points for the delivery team.

  • Have questions ready: Don't hesitate to ask the Funky Yukka team any questions you might have about plant care or maintenance before we leave.

Additional Considerations:

  • Larger Installations: For extensive plant installations, Funky Yukka may schedule the delivery and installation over multiple days to minimize disruption.

  • Accessibility: We will likely enquire about access points, elevator availability (if applicable), and any potential challenges me might need to be aware of for a smooth installation process.

  • Waste Removal: Funky Yukka remove all packaging materials and/or leftover plant trimmings after installation.

SO Visual - Funky Yukka Feb 2024 - 179.jpg

Post-Installation: We will provide an overview of basic plant care needs or watering instructions if you haven't opted for a maintenance package.

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