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About Us

There’s so much to say about Funky Yukka that we’ve just opted for a few key points squeezed into a nutshell for this “all about us” area...the rest we will leave to our case studies and testimonials to simply let our clients and projects speak volumes about us.



Funky Yukka is a contemporary and dynamic plant display company with a team that are waiting to make your working environment just that little bit more special. We are based throughout the country and cater for companies who want a no-hassle interior landscaping solution alongside the 'live greener' benefits.

If you’ve never hired a company like us before or you’ve been unhappy with our competitors then that’s no problem! Funky Yukka will create plant designs that are chic, stylish and trouble-free. We specialise in plants and have dedicated suppliers who will deliver exactly what we need.


We have an established reputation, in fact we have over 30 years experience, in creating elegant, modern classic plants displays all over the world; in fact 91% of our clients said that they would recommend us. We also have the option of a team that will stay with you to nurture and care for the displays we install – meaning that you don’t have to!

We travel nationwide so whether you're in Liverpool , Stafford, Bristol, Nottingham, London or anywhere in between, we can help you!

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