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Office Plants for Hire in London

Funky Yukka can be a breath of fresh air (pun intended!) for London work environments by bringing the benefits of plants directly to offices. Here's how we can transform workspaces:

  • Enhanced Wellbeing: Studies show plants in offices can significantly reduce stress and improve employee well-being. Funky Yukka's expertise in selecting the right plants can create a calming and positive atmosphere, boosting morale and reducing sick days.

  • Increased Productivity: Research suggests a link between office greenery and a 15% increase in employee productivity. Funky Yukka can design plant placements that not only add aesthetic appeal but also improve focus and concentration throughout the workday.

  • Improved Air Quality: London air can be a challenge. Plants act as natural air filters, absorbing toxins commonly found in office environment. Funky Yukka can help purify the air, leading to a healthier and more breathable workspace for employees.

  • Creative Spark: Bringing nature indoors can foster creativity and innovation. Funky Yukka's diverse selection of plants can create a stimulating environment that sparks new ideas and problem-solving approaches.

  • Aesthetic Appeal: A well-designed office with strategically placed plants creates a more inviting and aesthetically pleasing environment. Funky Yukka can transform dull workspaces into inspiring and vibrant areas that employees genuinely enjoy spending time in.


Bring the Beauty of Nature into Your Office with Our Plant Hire & Design Service

  • Full turnkey solution for interior landscaping services

  • Design & consultation service

  • Create a healthier environment for your team

  • Plant replacement guarantee

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On Site Design Consultation and Quotation Service

To arrange your free onsite design consultation, please get in touch.

When you are happy with the design, our team will install your plant displays and return to your premises on a fortnightly basis to continue to care for your plants with our maintenance package.

See more about

Maintenance Services here.


We Are Proud To Showcase Our Projects

Please see some examples of the recent projects we have delivered to some of our fantastic customers. 

We love to create luxury comfort which embeds an enriching and inspiring working environment with some 'working from home' vibes. After all, many businesses employ flexi-working, so why not intertwine the two?

Beyond just plants, Funky Yukka offers services specifically tailored to London offices:

  • On-site Consultations: They understand every office is unique. Our team visit London workplaces to assess light conditions, space limitations, and client preferences before crafting a customized plant plan.

  • Rental & Maintenance: Not everyone wants the commitment of plant ownership. Funky Yukka's rental options with full maintenance ensure London businesses can enjoy the benefits of greenery without the hassle.

  • Variety for Different Needs: From air-purifying ferns to low-light tolerant snake plants, Funky Yukka offers a wide range of plants suitable for diverse London office environments.

Biophilic design Funky Yukka

Funky Yukka operates extensively throughout London and Greater London. Our Sales team can be with you in a matter of days and sometimes hours. Arrange a free onsite survey today by clicking here.


With bases in Enfield, North West London and Shoreditch, Funky Yukka can react very quickly to your office plant requirements and subject to stocking levels often we can have displays with you within days rather than weeks.


With 40 years in the interior landscaping industry, we truly are experts in enhancing and improving workspaces.

Biophilic design Funky Yukka

By incorporating Funky Yukka's services, London businesses can create a thriving work environment that prioritizes employee well-being, productivity, and creativity. It's a win-win for both the health and happiness of employees and the overall success of the company.

We have put together a number case studies of local customers that are currently using Funky Yukka service in London. Take a look how Funky Yukka have transformed these clients workplaces and how we could do the same for you.

Plant Shed

How Plants Can Benefit

London offices specifically:

Businesses can reap a multitude of benefits from incorporating plants into their workspaces. Here's a breakdown of why plants are a breath of fresh air (pun intended!) for London businesses:


Combating the Urban Jungle: Improved Air Quality:

London's bustling environment can lead to air pollution concerns indoors. Plants act as natural air filters, absorbing toxins commonly found in office buildings and promoting cleaner air for employees.

Stress Reduction:

The urban environment can be overwhelming.


Studies suggest viewing greenery can have a calming effect, reducing stress levels in employees and promoting feelings of relaxation.


Connection to Nature:


Towering buildings and concrete landscapes dominate London.


Plants bring a touch of nature indoors, fostering a sense of connection to the outdoors and potentially boosting well-being.


Boosting Productivity and Creativity:

Enhanced Focus:

Research suggests that exposure to plants in the office can improve focus and concentration, leading to increased productivity.


Sparks of Innovation:

Studies have shown a link between office plants and a boost in creativity and problem-solving abilities.

A greener workspace might spark new ideas within your team.

Employee Well-being:

Happy and healthy employees are more productive.


Plants can create a more positive and inviting work environment, potentially leading to increased employee satisfaction and reduced absenteeism.


Additional Considerations:

Reduced Noise Levels:


The hustle and bustle of London can be distracting. Plants have sound-absorbing properties that can help dampen background noise and create a quieter, more focused work environment.


A well-designed plant scheme can create a more visually appealing and inspiring work environment.


Remember, incorporating plants goes beyond aesthetics. Consulting with our team here at Funky Yukka, you can ensure you choose the right plants for specific lighting conditions and get expert advice on proper care to maximise the benefits for your office environment.


By embracing plants in your workspace, you can create an environment that not only promotes employee well-being and productivity but also fosters a connection to nature amidst the urban landscape.

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