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Plant Barriers & Screening

Screening and Barriers

Living screening is a great way to create a barrier or divide in any space. What better way to segregate a space or a room than with living plants. Not only do you solve your screening problem but by introducing plants into any space there are huge environmental and health benefits.If you are considering using any of the below than think again. Living barriers and screens can virtually do the same job but on a mere fraction of the budget. 


  • Glass partitions

  • Foldable walls

  • Partition walling

  • Temporary offices

room divider made from plants in office.jpg

Not only are living barriers and screens fantastic way to create privacy with plants but there are semi-permanent and often can be mounted on wheels to provide mobile living screening.Funky Yukka specialise in this type of display and offer a free onsite consultation to help measure, design, install and deliver your living screening. Following the installation our team will come back to your workspace on a regular basis to feed, water, clean and maintain your displays.


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