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1980 – 1990


This decade sees the birth of Foster Nurseries Ltd; established to create the perfect partnership with the existing Foster Landscaping Services. The new company encompasses both a nursery and shop to retail through potted plants, shrubs and trees to the public. Landscaping services are the perfect complement and offers clients exterior design services to create beautiful gardening combinations and inviting outside retreats or social areas.


1990 – 1995


The Foster brand goes from strength to strength and identifies a new market place for interior landscaping services. The landscaping brand name is modified and launches as Foster Interior and Exterior Landscaping Services. Nursery and shop are doing well and become so successful that a new and larger site is found to meet client demand and is renamed as Foster Garden Centres.


1995 - 2000


Foster Interior and Exterior Landscaping Service evolves into Fosters Foliage by Design, which opens up new areas in the North West and Sheffield. Increased awareness of the health benefits of interior planting helps Fosters Foliage by Design client base grow further by both recommendation and reputation. Foster Gardens Centres open a £5 million development on the outskirts of Birmingham, bringing Fosters quality service to a whole new market throughout the West and South Midlands. Foster Garden Centre produces over 3.5 million home grown plants to sell within its garden centres.


2005 – 2010


Fosters Foliage by Design evolves to become Fosters Breathing Space, providing a wider range of interior design services. Breathing Space now provides ranges for event hire, weddings and parties. Artwork, bespoke containers and home products are available through the new website. Mr Daniel Foster moves into the Managing Director position to lead the company from strength to strength, whilst expanding into several new markets. Breathing Space’s operational area expands to cover the South East, London, East and West Midlands, the North West and Yorkshire. Daniel's business and sales skills are quickly put to use taking the total number of plants cared for throughout clients’ premises to nearly 4000 by the end of 2006. Ms Sophie Cookson joins the Breathing Space team, providing a huge knowledge and expertise within art and design. Graduating from Nottingham Trent University with a degree in Decorative Arts leads to a natural step into the role of Creative Design Manager.




Is set to be an exciting year with the launch of Funky Yukka, a replacement brand name for Fosters Breathing Space. Funky Yukka offers all that Breathing Space did, but has a real funky vibe surrounding it. Ranges have been extended, products more personalised and everything is new and exciting. So why not join the journey with us and delve in to a little more Funky Yukka on this website?




Funky Yukka is 30!!!! Happy Birthday to us. Funky Yukka celebrates 30 years in the interior landscaping industry. Wow have we seen some changes in our time we can’t wait to see what happens in the next 30 years. Why not join us on our journey creating healthier, happier, greener offices.




Sees Funky Yukka going from strength to strength adding new product lines and offering a wider range of services to a broader range of clients. With all new containers, furniture, artificial plants and solution based displays Funky Yukka is ready to come and make your workplace somewhere you ‘love to be’ rather than ‘have to be’.


Funky Yukka has worked with several leading companies throughout the UK and continues to grow, along with our range of exciting products. Funky Yukka now offers incredible Living Foliage and Preserved Moss walls and beautiful Living Panel Frames, providing even more choices of gorgeous greenery for our customers. We are also very excited to announce we have launched our Funky Furniture website; a place to find unique and stylish pieces for your workplace.

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