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How Plants Make Offices More Comfortable

Plants have been praised for their health benefits since ancient times, and in today's modern society, we still continue to use them in clever and innovative ways in and around the workplace in order to improve the experience of staff and visiting clients.

A recent article in NetDoctor focused in on plants and how they can improve the improve of employees working within office environments. All offices are given recommended temperature and humidity levels to ensure maximum comfort and work output, however few workplaces actually are able to adhere to these levels, particularly during the warmer and colder months. When humidity falls below the suggested level, it can cause workers to feel sluggish and less than energetic. However there is no need to purchase an expensive humidifier to keep staff performing at their best, according to NetDoctor, Washington State University have found that plants may be able to solve this issue.

After carrying out a study on plants, they found that adding them to a room increases the humidity significantly, making the space more comfortable and fresher for employees. Why not incorporate greenery into your office and see for yourself the incredible difference they can make?


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