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Mixed Leafy Troughs for Tech Consultancy Firm

A leading technology consulting firm approached Funky Yukka in search of some brand new plants displays to brighten up their offices

The Vision

The company wanted to create non-intimidating partitions throughout the office which would promote concentration and also divide certain areas. They were looking for something with a tropical and relaxed feel, whilst still maintaining a corporate and professional aesthetic.

The Outcome

The result was a series of gorgeous, lush displays that perfectly complemented the space and decor of the office. The Funky Yukka team used a mix of leafy, green foliage to offer the client the desired effect and opted for textured white and grey barrier troughs for a neutral and professional look and feel.

Over the other side of the workplace were several white trough which were placed on top of cabinets, giving the units a seamless, uniform-like appeal. Hydro plants were used to ensure the foliage stayed healthy and green for as long as possible and did not attract insects liek soil plants tend to.

The customer was delighted with their new displays!


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