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Go Green This Year With A Living Wall!

Over the last few years, office spaces around the world have been revolutionised, with many companies - big and small alike - keen to create working environments that put the mental, emotional and physical health of their employees front and centre.

Of course, there are myriad different ways in which this can be achieved but biophilia has truly come to the fore as one of the most enduring trends… and, no doubt, it is very much here to stay, with greenery being used in a range of settings to help bring the outside in and allow us to enjoy a connection with nature, even while we’re sat at our desks.

Although the concept of indoor plants is certainly not a new one, it has evolved to become so much more than simply a few token pots dotted around here and there. Statement greenery is now de rigueur and one of the best ways to make an immediate impact and elevate your commercial spaces is to install indoor living walls.

Having entire walls covered in greenery looks amazing and creates a truly welcoming space instantly, giving a real boost to your members of staff, as well as providing a very real talking point for prospective and existing clients.

The plants for your walls will be specifically chosen to suit their new environment, so there’s no need to worry that your new additions won’t thrive. Or you could consider going for a moss wall instead, made using beautiful natural materials in either living or preserved form.

There are even replica options available if you’re not keen on the idea of maintenance and watering schedules, ensuring that you can bring the greenery in with no trouble whatsoever.

Still not convinced? You can see just what can be achieved with living walls with English Cities Fund’s Eden office site in Salford which - when finished - will have the largest living wall in Europe, complete with 350,000 plants! Now that’s biophilia in action!



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