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Private London Office Install

Using a combination of free standing plants, planted furniture, cabinet planting and hanging plants, this multi- level design incorporates design with functionality whilst maximising the space. 

With 40 years experience, our design expertise has evolved with the trends. 

Following Covid 19 Lockdown and working from home, the home office environment is the preferred option for many. Providing home comforts and a more relaxing environment, many individuals have found the return to the 'normal office' very challenging. 

London Office.jpg

The Install

We are passionate about what we do.

The average full time employee spends 40+ hours per week at work. 

If the working environment is sterile, unwelcoming and dull, how can you and your team thrive?

Creating an environment where your team are happy to be is proven to boost productivity, reduce employee absenteeism, retain staff, enhance creativity and improve employee health & wellbeing.

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