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Design & Build: A Collaboration of Expertise

Building companies typically plan for most aspects of a building during the first fix stage, which involves laying the foundation, erecting the main structure, and installing essential elements like plumbing and electrical systems.


We understand the importance of laying the foundations to accommodate biophilic design elements and planted structures. We work closely with builders to consider second-fix options for including planted furniture in a building project:

Biophilic design Funky Yukka

Client Preference or Late Decision: Sometimes, the client might finalise the design details, including the specific type of planted furniture, after the first fix stage. This could be due to ongoing discussions, budget considerations, or wanting to see examples in completed projects.

Flexibility and Customisation: Planted furniture can be quite diverse, ranging from planters integrated into desks to living walls. Second-fix options allow for greater flexibility in design and customisation to fit the specific needs and aesthetics of the client's space.

Logistical Challenges: Large, pre-built planted furniture might be difficult to maneuver during the first fix stage, especially in tight spaces. Second-fix options allow for easier installation after the major construction is complete and access is less restricted.

​Plant Maintenance Considerations: Integrating plants directly into furniture during the first fix stage could make it more challenging to access them for future maintenance like watering, pruning, or pest control. Second-fix planted furniture often incorporates removable planters or modular designs for easier maintenance.

Integration with Existing Infrastructure: If the building is undergoing a renovation, second-fix planted furniture allows for easier integration with existing electrical outlets, water sources, or drainage systems needed for plant life support.

Benefits of Considering Second-Fix Options:

Greater Design Flexibility: Allows for customisation based on finalised client preferences.

Easier Installation: Simplifies maneuvering and placement of planted furniture.

Improved Plant Maintenance: Provides easier access for watering, pruning, etc.

Reduced Damage Risk: Less chance of damaging plants during major construction phases.

Not sure what displays are best for you? 


Our design team are happy to provide an onsite survey FREE of charge. 


We'll talk you through all the options and create a tailor made quote bespoke to you.  We'll even show you before and after photos of how your facilty will look with Funky Yukka plant displays. 

Here's where Funky Yukka can come in:

  • Consultation & Expertise: Funky Yukka can collaborate with building companies during the planning stages to advise on suitable second-fix planted furniture options that integrate seamlessly with the overall design.

  • Pre-designed Solutions: We may recommend pre-designed modular planted furniture elements that can be easily installed during the second fix stage.

  • Installation & Maintenance Services: We can handle the installation and ongoing maintenance of the planted furniture, ensuring the plants thrive within the office environment.

  • By working together, building companies and Funky Yukka can ensure a smooth integration of biophilic design elements including planted furniture and interior landscaping by incorporating design plans during the second-fix stage of a building project.

The Allure of Second-Fix Planted Furniture:

Cultivating Beauty After the Build


Imagine an office space that transcends the sterility of traditional design. Lush greenery seamlessly integrated into furniture, breathing life and vibrancy into the very heart of your workspace. This isn't a scene from a nature documentary, but a reality achievable through the strategic use of second-fix planted furniture.

While the first fix of a building project lays the groundwork, the second fix allows for the finer details to take shape. This is where the magic of planted furniture truly blossoms. Here's why this approach might be the perfect fit for your next building project:

  • A Flourishing Canvas: Finalised design decisions and late-stage inspiration can be embraced. Second-fix options allow for the perfect planted furniture to be chosen, the finishing touch that reflects your unique vision.

  • Bespoke Beauty: Unlike a one-size-fits-all approach, second-fix solutions celebrate customisation. From integrated desk planters to captivating living walls, the possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

  • Logistical Elegance: Large pre-built pieces can be cumbersome during the first fix. Second-fix planted furniture ensures a smooth installation process, minimising disruption and maximising efficiency.

  • Thriving Throughout Time: Thoughtful placement becomes effortless. Planted furniture installed during the second fix offers optimal access for maintenance, ensuring your verdant oasis flourishes for years to come.

  • Symbiosis with Existing Infrastructure: Revamping an existing space? Second-fix planted furniture integrates seamlessly with established electrical outlets, water sources, and drainage – a harmonious blend of form and function.

Where Funky Yukka Can Be Your Partner in Paradise:

  • Expert Guidance: Our design team collaborates with you from the very beginning, ensuring the chosen second-fix planted furniture complements your overall vision and integrates flawlessly with the building's architecture.

  • Pre-Designed Perfection: Our curated collection of modular planted furniture solutions offers a stunning selection for seamless second-fix installation.

  • Cultivating Expertise: We handle the entire process, from installation to ongoing maintenance, ensuring your planted furniture thrives and your office space remains a haven of beauty and well-being.

Embrace the transformative power of second-fix planted furniture with Funky Yukka. Let's cultivate a space that inspires, invigorates, and fosters a connection with nature, all within the heart of your professional environment.

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