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Digital Cinema Media - Office Plants on the Big Screen

Funky Yukka has helped transform the offices of a leading cinema marketing company in the centre of London. Funky Yukka were invited to join the project team and consulted both with the office manager and head of marketing to produce the fantastic final result. A distinct theme was chosen showcasing different areas of the office through the use of colours, containers and plants. The client wanted to designate different areas of the office to different functions such as accounts and marketing.

Through the clever use of different plants and containers the reception, breakout, accounts, marketing and board rooms were all given the Funky Yukka treatment and the results were spectacular. In line with the brands marketing several brightly coloured containers were chosen to really make the office plants stand out against the newly designed space.

The displays were professionally installed and delivered and the customer has protected their investment by instructing Funky Yukka’s onsite maintenance services and full plant replacement guarantee. This guarantees the customer peace of mind that the plants are being cleaned and cared for and should the worse happen any plants that fail will be replaced free of charge.

Call now to arrange your free onsite survey for your offices and find out how Funky Yukka can help you, your colleagues, customers and visitors feel that little bit greener everyday.


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