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Concrete Planters for Tech HQ Exterior

In addition to the office of a leading technology company, Funky Yukka were also required to provide plant displays for the outside area. This area required a number of plants to frame the walkway and also add a less sterile feel to the it, whilst still remaining corporate and practical.

The Vision

Once again, the client chose to go for a muted tone of grey, this time in a concrete square planter. As there was plenty of red accents within the offer to compliment the company's signature brand colours, they decided on a neutral shade that would invoke a calm atmosphere. The smooth texture of the planters complimented the outdoor space perfectly and added a much-needed touch of nature to the area.

The Funky Yukka team then filled the pots with small, neutral coloured pebbles so as not to contrast with the chosen plant. And what a plant! The client had selected gorgeous yellow striped zebra grasses for their exterior displays, which offered a bright and cheery contrast to the pale coloured planters.

The Outcome

The client was left with an attractive display of several cubic planters that allowed for a professional atmosphere whilst still offering employee’s some relaxing greenery. Delighted with the finishing result, the client now had beautiful healthy plants for both inside the office and out.


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