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Artificial Trees for Premium Property

It's not just offices and work places that can benefit from the wonders of plants, homes also need a touch of greenery! Property development company Berkeley Group recently contacted Funky Yukka in hopes of sourcing some attractive plant displays for a premium building they had worked on within the heart of London. The riverside property boasted a stunning view and plenty of inspiration for the team!

The Vision

Berkeley Group requested simple displays that would compliment the building's decor without being overpowering. After a through consultation and onsite review, Funky Yukka set to work creating something that would suit their needs. The interior colour theme consisted of neutral tones, including light mocha, ecru and graphite with marbled accents. So the display would not simply blend into the background, the team chose a brushed bronze tone and glossy black for the planters. These ceramic pots had a glazed finish and brightened up duller corners of the area perfectly.

As there was little natural light in the building and the client requested displays that would require minimal maintenance, it was decided that the best option for this project would be the use of artificial plants. Funky Yukka specialises in the most realistic artificial plants available and were confident that they could provide Berkeley with something as good as the real thing. Reflexa and Ficus were planted into the pots and adorned with decorative pebbles in a similar colour palate to the decor. Each artificial tree featured a real wood stem with over 500 individual leaves, giving it an incredibly real appearance and feel.

The Outcome

When Funky Yukka finished work on the project, Berkeley Group's premium property looked even more exclusive than ever! The sleek metallic displays offered the space a luxurious aesthetic and the plants brought a subtle touch of nature indoors.

If you think your workplace, property or university could benefit from indoor plants, contact us for a free onsite consultation


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