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A Living Panel for Epoch

Greenery no longer belongs only in the garden, many offices are choosing to bring nature indoors! Incorporating foliage into the workplace design not only looks very modern and incredibly attractive, it can also have real positive effects on the health, happiness and metal well-being of staff.

Funky Yukka were commissioned to create a dynamic display for well-know payment solution company Epoch.

The Vision

The client was extremely interested in the concept of using plants to create a statement, and so opted for a living panel to be display with their company logo. Our unique living panels are a practical and cost-effective way of bringing biophilic design to the workplace. The panel was created using real plants which were arranged in a full, dense design. They were they fitted into a sleek, chrome frame matched Epoch's corporate logo.

The Outcome

The final result looked amazing and Epoch were delighted with the outcome. Now the company had a subtle yet statement art piece that enticed visitors and provided an attractive display for workers whilst still in-keeping with Epoch's professional and corporate image.


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