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Calming Plants for Stafford College

Our plants are not just for offices, they are the perfect addition to schools, colleges and universities too! It has been proven that plants can improve productivity and students who work in environments that include green elements are more attentive and more like to attend lectures, so it was no surprise that Stafford College, a leading educational institution in Staffordshire, ask Funky Yukka to assist them.

The Vision

The college decor incorporated a mass of neutral colours with several accents of orange and grey in the form of feature walls and furnishings. They wanted their plant displays to compliment and enhance the area without over shadowing the design. Funky Yukka set to work designing a calming, tranquil yet eye-catching plant concept that would inspire students and staff alike.

The Outcome

Using a combination of different planters, Funky Yukka were able to create a complimentary planting design throughout the college that was inviting and attractive. Lush, green plants in granite coloured planters were used in the reception area and contrasted beautifully with the orange feature wall.

In seating areas, the college opted for bamboo-style cube tower planters filled with smooth pebbles that gave the area a relaxing and calm vibe. The college were delighted with their new displays and it's easy to see why, check out the gallery below.


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