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Brief 10: To invoke a professional yet welcoming atmosphere in the UK HQ of an international tech co

A world-renowned technology company chose the Funky Yukka team to add some much-needed greenery and elegance to their UK Head Office. As the client's distinct red branding was showcased previously throughout the area using seating booths and a statement wall mural, it was decided that a complimentary shade of pale grey matching both the carpets and furniture would be the best option for the planters, with just a few desktop displays sporting the classic red.

The chosen plants consisted of Dracaena White Stripe, Sansevieria Laurentii and Kentia Palm; all dark leaved, spiky plants that are able to thrive in areas with limited light and offer a professional and corporate look to a workplace. Three curved barriers complete with spiked grasses created an attractive and non-intimidating partition between office area and seating booths, so employees could have an informal meeting in privacy. Throughout the office, small troughs adorned counter-tops and cabinets to inject interest into the area and avoid clutter piling up.

The result was a stylish yet professional work space full of lush greenery and colour. The workforce could now appreciate beautiful plants in the office and enjoy the numerous health benefits they provide.


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