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Brief 6: To compliment the environmental nature of the Ravensbourne College, Greenwich Peninsula, Lo

Ravensbourne College relocated in 2010 to a purpose built building in Greenwich. The new build is pioneering in both style and in its aim to create a new way of working. The interior space was designed to encourage interaction between the different creative studies.

The Funky Yukka aim was to create a “live greener” environment and feel to the open spaces, quiet corners and social spaces by selecting, planting and placing huge five metre trees within the interior of the building!

We chose trees that were luscious, vivid green, interesting to the eye and which would fully complement the spaces. The result was impressive; the pure size of the trees gave a grand, yet relaxed air and the contemporary planters added a little fun into the atmosphere alongside a more modern vibe – perfect for the social/open spaces we were asked to plan for.


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