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Brief 8: To create a plant display scheme to enhance the new office environment of EnerG in Manchest

EnerG had new premises in Manchester which were predominantly office based and for their staff. They are a green tech company, who really benefited from matching their business type to their office environment; hence Funky Yukka.

We added in sumptuous plant displays, with an added a dash of colour, to the reception areas to talk brand and business type, but which also made waiting a more pleasant and relaxing experience for visitors.

Office areas and management suites had unique displays designed to bring the “live greener” feel into the everyday working environment and provide environmental benefits for the staff. We added lots of green, lots of texture and made sure that you noticed the plants as soon as you walked through the door.

We also continue to look after all of the plants and displays at EnerG so that they always look great, sing company brand and are refreshed on a regular basis. This shouts quality, continues to create interest and gives a real living art feel.


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