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Exterior Planters for Restaurant

For those who live in the busy, bustling city, greenery can be hard to come across, even when spending time outside! A restaurant got in touch with the Funky Yukka to help bring elements of nature to their outdoor seating area.

The Vision

The client liked the idea of troughs as they would create a natural barrier from the street whilst also offering customers a beautiful view as they eat. Slated wooden trough planters were used to add to natural aesthetic to the area. These were equipped with wheels so that they could easily be moved around as the customer pleased. An array of lush grasses and full leafy shrubs were planted to create a subtle yet effective barrier from the street. They perfectly complimented the stylish décor and cosy feel of the area.

The Outcome

The outcome was a beautiful, natural partition that allowed patrons of the restaurant to have privacy and fresh plants as they dine. The client was delighted with the result.


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