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Vibrant Curvy Plant Displays

Brand image is important, and many companies are opting to portray this through their decor choices. Instead of repainting the entire office, a simple solution to this is to select some stunning, lush plant displays in funky containers of your choice. To ensure that your displays perfectly match your corporate colours, Funky Yukka uses a unique colour match technology, uses RAL codes to exactly mirror the shade required.

The Vision

An innovative power testing solutions company approached Funky Yukka to help them bring a strong corporate identity to their office space. The business colours were bold, primary colours of sunny yellow, royal blue and letterbox red, so were sure to make a statement throughout the minimal office space!

To big a touch of fun to the workplace, the client wanted some stylish, quirky containers that would be eye catching and attractive against a fairly plain back drop.

The Outcome

The final displays including several large, freestanding plants and stunning barrier trough. Deciding on an eclectic mix of curvy, banana shaped planters, round tapered pots and kooky cut out containers, the finished look gave the office a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

The client adored the planters and felt the well-being of their employees had been greatly improved


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