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Cabinet Troughs and Freestanding Plants

These days, many workplaces opt for a more open plan design and layout in place of the traditional cubicle and separate office room designs of the past. While this encourages good communication between employees and promotes healthy co-working habits, they can also be rather distracting. In fact, one of the biggest complaints in the workplace is excessive noise, which is only heightened when working in a open plan, lean area. Noise reverberates around the office and it can be difficult to concentrate.

Another issue with these workplaces is the lack of visual concentration. Workers have claimed that they find it hard to focus when they can see other's moving around. It can become very distracting, but cleverly placed plant displays can actually absorb noises in the work place and create partition that help with visual concentration.

The Vision

A multi national conglomerate company approached Funky Yukka approached Funky Yukka, seeking some guidance for their London based office space. Because the area was incredibly open plan, they wanted to create some partitions throughout the space in an attractive and non intimidating way.

The Outcome

A range of lush, flowery and leafy plants were used throughout this project to achieve a bright and cheerful atmosphere throughout the office. Desktop troughs were designed to fiot perfectly to the already present cabinets and provided a small screen of privacy.


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