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Plant of the Month - Spider Plant

Happy Halloween month! We've said goodbye to summer barbecues and hello to Autumnal bonfires. It's time for pumpkin flavoured hot drinks, toffee apples and sparkles and of course, all things spooky. Because of this, it stands to reason that for the month of October, we'd pick a pretty scary choice for our plant of the month. Take a closer look (if you dare!) at the spider plant.

It's spindly 'legs' might give you the heebie jeebies, but this versatile indoor plant is one if the most adaptable out there and is almost impossible to kill. It gets its creepy name from the fact that it has tiny 'spiderettes' growing from the mother plant, similar to baby spiders on a web. These spiderettes will begin life as small white flowers and grow into small buds. You can cultivate these into a new spider plant of its own by either cutting it off and placing it into its own pot or allowing it to stay attached to the mother plant until it's big enough to cut off.

These work great in hanging baskets in all offices as they thrive in most climates. However, if you notice the leaves have started to brown, this does not mean your spider plant is on the way out, it's simply caused by fluoride and salt build ups in the soil.

What do you think of the creepy crawly spider plant?


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