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Delicate Orchids in Shell Planters

There is nothing quite like a beautiful, bright flower display to create a welcoming atmosphere. Orchids are a popular choice because, in addition to being a stunning bloom available in an array of different colours, they also are instantly recognisable and offer their unique aesthetic to an area. However, a common complaint of flower displays is that all too often, they wither and die within a weeks time. Artificial flowers are a great option for workplaces in which the climate can fluctuate and have come a long way from the fraying cloth efforts of olden days. Funky Yukka's hyper realistic flowers are so much like the real thing, clients have been know to try and water them!

The Vision

The client, a family owned food service business, wanting a trio of displays in their reception to invoke a friendly and warm welcome for visitors. They wanted as little maintenance as possible, so the Funky Yukka team suggested that artificial flowers were the best bet. Wanting a natural look. the customer choose some stylish shell style planters that would complement the decor of the reception space.

The Outcome

The orchids and stunning mosaic planters looked amazing and perfectly contrasted with the navy rug of the reception area. The client was delighted with the final displays as they were exactly what they wanted. Another success story from Funky Yukka!


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