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100% Vegan and Plastic Free Cafe Opens in Liverpool

It's official - the world cares about looking after the environment. Call the rise of the Millennials and Gen Z's, the growth in veganism or a sudden realisation that this is our only planet, it's suddenly trendy to take care of Mother Earth and we're here for it! There has been much discussion about the amount of disposable plastics we produce, and straws have been found to be one of the main culprits. Amidst the movement, a brand new cafe in Liverpool has announced they are completely plastic free and 100% vegan.

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CAN Waterlloo, situated on St Johns Road, prides itself on serving just plant based food and being as environmentally friendly as possible. Owners and husband and wife Louise and Ryan King, opened the restaurant as they were frustrated with struggling to find places to eat in the Merseyside area that were completely vegan. Louise commented, "We are 100% vegan and completely plastic free and believe we’re the first in Liverpool that have put them both together. Because we’re right by the beach we have a responsibility not to use plastic." The amount of plastics found in the sea has risen by an alarming amount, with as much as 10 million tons dumped in the ocean every year.

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She added, "We work with the best vegan chefs and suppliers around Liverpool and bring them all together under one roof."When you go to a restaurant sometimes there is only one or two vegan options but we have got the best vegan meals all in one place."


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