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Hanging Baskets for an Urban Office Space

These days, more and and more offices are ditching the corporate look and opting for a more relaxed, chilled vibe. Not only does this look seriously cool in a young, dynamic workplace, but it can actually also help employees feel more comfortable and therefore work better and harder. For more inspiration on the Un-Office Office, take a look here

The Vision

A co-working space reached out to Funky Yukka to to add a touch of nature to their area. They loved the idea of hanging baskets and wanted to include plants that kept to the casual aesthetics of the office. They also wanted to incorporate some freestanding plants.

The Outcome

Amazing ivy hanging baskets were attached to high wooden rafters. The plants trailed down and complemented the beams and the sky light, giving the whole office space a real sense of biophila. Sanserveria in a polished polystone effect pot looked amazing in the bar, working with the decor perfectly.

Outside, grey troughs filled with zebra grasses. The client was delighted with the final result!


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