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Office Christmas Traditions to Start this Year

Excitement is in the air and there's no denying it - Christmas is definitely on it's way! Whilst we still might all be hard at work, we can still enjoy ourselves in the office and bring Christmas cheer to our colleagues at the same time. Why not start some office Christmas traditions of your own this holiday season?

Christmas Cookie Day

Select one day of the year when everyone in the office, from the intern to the director, brings in a tasty festive themed treat for everyone to enjoy. It could be home baked or for those who don;t have the time of skills. just bring in a shop bought cake! As long as everyone participates, there will be enough to go round for everyone.

Carol Singing

If you work in a shared building, why not bring glad tidings to the other offices with a touch of carol singing? Print off some of your favourite Christmas tunes and have a sing song with your colleagues. You never know, the other businesses may want to join in! Just make sure you do it at lunch time or towards the end of the day so you don't disturb people when they're very busy, or you just might be met with a Grinchy attitude!

Hire a Christmas Tree

Sure, decorating your tree at home with your family is fun, but when it comes to juggling your work life and making sure your office Christmas tree gets organised, it can become a nightmare. It always ends up getting left until the last minute and the stress of keeping on top of your work responsibilities can really get you down. Luckily, our Funky Festive Christmas tree service is here to save the day! We deliver, install and decorate a stunning Christmas and best of all, collect it when the festivities are over. Head on over to the website now to find out more

Ugly Jumper Contest

There are some seriously hideous Christmas sweaters out there - but who in your office will have the most heinous? Dig through your closet and trawl through charity shops to find the most ugliest jumper out there and claim the title! Why not give the winner a little prize, such as a gift card or a Christmas pudding.

Can you think of any more traditions you'll be adopting in your office this Christmas?


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