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Stylish Graphite Pots for Customers Relocation Project

Having recently relocated an existing customer of ours contacted HQ requiring additional plant displays for their new office.

The Vision

With stylish graphite pots and beautiful plants we created the natural looking office environment which Global Blue were looking for. Already having a long term relationship with our customer, Global Blue were confident we could help with the growth of their company.

The Outcome

As a result of the relocation with additional plant displays, the offices are now looking fresh and minimalistic with a contemporary edge. Our amazing team at Funky Yukka team used a mix of tropical plants to offer the customer the desired effect giving the offices a neutral and professional look and feel.

Already happy with the service we have provided for them, Global Blue were thrilled with their new displays and were more than happy to resign and continue their working relationship with Funky Yukka!


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