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NHBC Install

NHBC is a leading provider of warranty and insurance products for new homes in the UK.

  • Focus on Quality: NHBC's core function revolves around ensuring quality standards in new homes. This focus on quality extends to the work environment and employee well-being.

The Benefits Of Office Plants

How Plants Can Benefit NHBC Staff: 

  • Improved Air Quality: Plants act as natural air filters, removing toxins and pollutants commonly found in office environments. This can lead to improved air quality and potentially fewer headaches, respiratory problems, and allergies for employees.

  • Stress Reduction and Enhanced Mood: Exposure to greenery can have a calming effect, reducing stress levels and promoting feelings of relaxation. This can be especially beneficial in a fast-paced work environment like the construction industry.

  • Increased Focus and Productivity: Research suggests that plants in the office can improve focus and concentration, leading to increased productivity.

  • Boosts Employee Well-being: Overall, a greener workspace with plants can contribute to a healthier and happier workforce. This can translate to fewer sick days and a more positive work environment.



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