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University of Nottingham International College Gets Funky with Greener Vibes!

The Benefits Of Indoor Plants

This isn't just about adding a splash of color (though the pops of greenery are definitely a welcome change from traditional classroom décor!). Studies have shown that plants in educational settings can significantly improve student well-being and academic performance.

"At UNIC, we're committed to providing the best possible experience for our international students," says Samuel McLoughlin College Services Advisor, a representative from UNIC.


"Funky Yukka's expertise in biophilic design was a perfect fit for our vision of creating a welcoming and stimulating learning environment. We're already seeing positive feedback from students – they love the fresh, vibrant atmosphere!"

Funky Yukka, known for their sustainable practices and funky flair, didn't just bring the plants – they brought the expertise. Their team of plant gurus worked closely with UNIC to create a customized plan, ensuring the right plants were placed in the right locations for maximum impact. 

"We're thrilled to be collaborating with UNIC," says Rachael Jordan, Operations Manager from Funky Yukka. "Creating spaces that inspire learning and well-being is what we do best. Plus, who wouldn't want to study surrounded by a little bit of funky greenery?"

This partnership between UNIC and Funky Yukka is a win-win for everyone. Students benefit from a more positive and productive learning environment, staff enjoy a refreshed workspace, and the planet benefits from Funky Yukka's commitment to sustainable practices. It's a future that's both bright and green!



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