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A Curved Vertical Garden for Brainlabs

You don't need to incredible lighting and the perfect temperature to enjoy the beauty of plants in your work-space. More and more businesses are harnessing the convenience and beauty of artificial plants in order to achieve their desired look without the need for maintenance or natural conditions. Brainlabs, a well known social advertising company, got in touch with Funky Yukka to talk through their ideas.

The Vision

Brainlabs requested Funky Yukka's help in providing an eye-catching focal wall in their auditorium. As the room had very little natural light, it was suggested that an artificial foliage wall was the best option for this room. The team set to work putting together a wall that curved around the bleacher-like benches to create incredible dimension.

The wall was heavily embellished with dense greenery and hyper-realistic flowers that were as effective as the real thing without the need for extra care! The deep green of the chosen plants complimented the pale stained wood of the benches perfectly and offered the area a wild and jungle like aesthetic.

The Outcome

The Brainlabs team were left with a stunning vertical garden that offered the auditorium a sense of nature and fun whilst still remaining a professional work-space. Although artificial walls are able to clear the air of toxins like real plants can, workers can still benefit from them in many ways. For example, people with greenery in their eyeline complete tasks up to 12% faster and are more creative at work.

The perfect place to train staff or give a presentation, the auditorium was, quite literally, brought to life with Funky Yukka's innovative articifical wall!


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