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Choosing the Right Plants for Your Office

We all know the benefits of indoor plants, they can improve your productivity, clear the air of impurities and boost morale amongst a plethora of other perks. However, besides water there is one crucial ingredient to ensure your plants thrives: sunlight. Unfortunately, the average Great British office is seriously lacking in the natural light department and therefore may opt out of adorning their work space with lush greenery for fear of it dying. But wait, there's hope! Even in the darkest of interiors, Funky Yukka are able to offer solutions and provide you will all the green goodness you could wish for.

For dim offices

These plants are able to thrive without the need for much natural light and will happily live in darker corners of the office. These beautiful plants are not only hard-wearing in less than desirable environments, but they also offer an inviting atmosphere to your workplace with their bright coloured leaves and unique shapes.

For low maintenance

Although Funky Yukka will take care of your plants so you have no need to worry about maintenance, you may wish to select plants that mean our team don't need to visit as often. Or perhaps you'd simply like to buy the plants from us and upkeep them yourself, either way, there are plenty options for those who would rather not worry too much about our foliage friends. These plants are all great choices for low maintenance, or why not try succulents and cacti? Not only are these very trendy and attractive in a workplace, but they are require minimal watering.

For offices with bright, artificial light

Just be aware that incandescent and halcyon bulbs produce light from the wrong end of the colour spectrum that is useful to indoor plants, so its best to avoid these kinds of bulbs. However, if you have your heart set on orchids, Funky Yukka can provide your office with high quality artificial plants, meaning you don't need to compromise on the plants you'd like. Click here to explore our wide range of artificial plants or click the picture below to browse our office plants gallery.

If you would like to discuss your planting needs further, get in touch!


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