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Weird and Wonderful Plant-Based Products

We like to think we know all about plants, but even some of these organic inventions took us by surprise! Take a look at these incredibly weird yet totally wonderful products that each incorporate plants in one way or another. From sweeties to newspapers, the world is embracing the eco-friendly way of life!

Lollipops that grow plants

Everyone loves a sweet treat but have you ever heard of a candy that could benefit the environment?

Amberello Organics have created a lollipop filled with seeds relative of their unique flavours such as rosemary and mint. The stick is also embedded with seeds so that when it is put into soil, you will have your very own plant to care for!

In order to keep the earth clean we shouldn't throw our litter on the floor, however this biodegradable stick containing a tiny plant seed belongs in the ground!

Walking Stick that Plants seeds

Going for a long walk through the forest is a brilliant way to explore nature, get some exercise and take in some fresh air. With the help of the ingenious FytoStick, you can now give something back on your woodland rambles.

The walking stick is equipped with a special spikes that embeds a seed into the earth as you take a step. Each refill contains 500 seeds.

With the rise of deforestation becoming an increasingly poignant issue in recent times, this invention hopes to combat the problem

Green Newspaper

Did you ever think that you'd be able to grow plants with your morning paper? Green Newspaper is an innovative publication that once used, is simply torn up and planted into soil.

But this is no ordinary newspaper, it is printed using eco-friendly dyes on a special paper that is infused with seeds. Within weeks, your plants will be sprouting and blooming!

The paper was distributed by a well-known Japanese newspaper and was sent all over the country. Naturally, its articles focused on eco-friendly topics

If you have been inspired to bring more plants into your life, get in touch! Together, we can come up with a specially tailored brief to suit your company, space and budget.

Sources: David Wolfe & INSIDER Science


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