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How to Use Plants to Spruce up your Office Interior

When coming up with ideas for your office interior, plants are often overlooked or considered an afterthought, however we firmly believe they should be an integral part of your workplace's design. Its no secret that greenery is good for us and there are a number of scientific studies to back this up. On top of this, they add a modern, eco-friendly and polished vibe to any area. If you've never had office plants before and aren't sure where to begin or where to place them, sit back, relax and take a look at our top tips for sprucing up your work-space with plants.


Just like a statement lamp or a cool piece of decor, a lush houseplant in a stylish container can act as a real talking point and seriously upgrade the look of your entire workplace. For a rustic, industrial feel, cluster several plants of varying heights together in groups of three, or why not create partitions throughout the work-space with our barriers and screens? Not only do these look gorgeous, they also allow workers visuals privacy and are an easy way to signpost different areas of the office.


In recent years, we've seen the rise in popularity of living walls and panels. These stunning spectacles are incredibly eye-catching and are a tremendous nod to the biophilic trend. Better yet, these living art pieces are also good for us; the bright green shades make us happier, breathe in bad toxins and purify the air. Invest in a statement vertical garden in your reception area for serious greenery goals. If you aren't ready to embrace the urban jungle in such a large scale way, opt for a living or moss frame - these make a much larger impact than regular photos or paintings!


Flowers never go out of style! Incorporating fresh blooms into your office's design gives the area a warm, welcoming and fresh atmosphere. If you choose fragrant ones, they also offer a subtle scent for both visitors and staff to enjoy. Why not select colours that match your office interior or for a stark contrast, opt for bright colours against neutral surroundings.


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