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Plant of the Month: Sansevieria

Now that summer has officially drawn to a close, many of us start to worry about the life of our indoor plants. Will they survive the low light and colder temperatures? As the sun starts to become a distant memory, we need an office plant that can withstand any weather conditions or climates. Enter the sansevieria, the spiky, lemon and lime coloured plant that comes in a variety of different species. In fact, there are around 70 different types of sansevieria, although we only usually see 15 of these grown commercially. It tops the list as one of the most resilient house plants due to thrive in pretty much any conditions.

However, though it will live from most cases of neglect, over-watering is the sansevieria's biggest weakness. This plant is prone to root rot, particularly in the colder months and therefore it is best to under-water if you are unsure. As a rule of thumb, they should only be watered every 2-3 weeks or whenever it seems like they need it and the soil should be left to dry out fully before adding more moisture. Thankfully, with Funky Yukka's maintenance package, you needn't worry about caring for your sansevieria as it's all handled for you! Despite this, those who have them in their house will be happy to hear it is extremely difficult to kill a sansevieria.

Commonly known as snake plant or Mother-in-Law's tongue, the sansevieria is a part of the succulent family and is similar to cacti in the fact that its stiff, tender leaves are able to retain water. In addition to the flat leaved, snak-like appearance above, sanservierias are also available in a thin, finger-like variety known as sanservieria cylindrica ‘fan’. Known as dragon fingers or African spear plant, they are often topped with coloured felt, often for businesses and offices to match their company branding.

Fancy adding some snake plants to your work space?


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