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Missing the Christmas tree? Get an office plant!

The magic of Christmas is over and the daily grind has officially started. Hopefully, by now, you're back into the swing of things and have fully activated work-mode. However, without the glitter of the festive decorations, the office is looking incredibly bare and drab. That empty spot where the Christmas tree once stood is looking, frankly, a bit depressing. This can leave staff feeling blue and demotivated - definitely not the best start to a New Year. The simple solution? Fill the space with something bright, healthy and green!

Studies have shown that when workplaces are attractive and well decorated, employees feel more valued, are happier and are less likely to be absent from work. One of the most effective ways of improving your office's aesthetic is through the use of indoor plants - not only do they brighten up an area and give you the option to select different shapes and colours of containers to suit your brand, they also carry a plethora of health and psychological benefits. Read more about how plants can improve your work-life here.

The first step is selecting the right plant for your office. Do you have large windows with lots of natural light or does is your workplace rather dark? Trust us when we say there's a plant for every environment, check out our guide to selecting the perfect plants. If the idea of keeping plants alive fills you with dread, artificial foliage might be the best option to consider. Or you could always opt for a rental and maintenance service, like what we at Funky Yukka can offer from as little as £20 per week.

And when it comes to choosing your pots, we have every colour you could choose from. Using our unique Colour Match technology, we are able to perfectly mirror your corporate colours, giving you a truly bespoke display. Check out our funky containers here for inspiration. If you fancy something that makes a bit more of a statement, why not take a closer look at our living walls or barrier troughs?


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