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Plant of the Month - Monstera deliciosa

Although it seemed to last for at least three months, January is finally over! We're over the post-Christmas blues, ready to face new challenges and are well and truly settled into 2018. As January is the time of new beginnings, we thought for this month's plant, we'd select a specimen that is proving very popular as a indoor plant, the monstera deliciosa. You might know it better as Swiss cheese plant.

Given this quirky nickname because of the distinctive perforations in its leaves, the Swiss cheese plant is a serious staple of the green office trend, visible in hip workplaces all over the world. Its chosen for interior design due to its large, heart shaped leaves, however did you know this plant also has the ability to bear fruit? With a similar taste to pineapple and jackfruit, the edible fruits can grow up to 25cm long.

Very easy to care for, monstera deliciosa requires minimal water during the colder months with a little misting to keep to the foliage fresh and glossy. This stylish plant is perfect for any office!

Has the trendy monstera deliciosa caught your eye?


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